Swimming Pool Options For Smaller Yards

Having a swimming pool in your backyard may seem impossible if you have a small yard, but there are options available that let you enjoy the fun of owning a pool without needing a lot of land. Here are a few options to discuss with your pool builder to get the convenience of a swimming pool on your property.

Swim Spas

Swim spas are often long, narrow structures that can fit in a small space. They combine the look of a traditional pool with the convenience of a spa. Jets built into the side of these pools let you operate it as a whirlpool for a relaxing way to work off stress, and they can also create currents needed for swimming laps. The current essentially lets you stay in place in the water while swimming, eliminating the need for a large lap pool. You can tuck a swim spa in a corner of your yard, leaving ample room for grass or patio furniture.

Full-Yard Decking And Pool

If you don't mind giving up your lawn, you can opt for a pool and full-yard deck. Your pool builder will work with you to determine the dimensions and shape of the swimming pool, and you can then build a deck around the structure for beach chairs and other poolside accessories. You'll be giving up a traditional yard, but you'll be adding a resort-inspired look to your property. Be sure to leave room around the pool for a grill and patio furniture so you can host backyard parties all summer long.

Splash Pads

If you are considering a pool to keep your children cool and entertained in the summer, consider a splash pad as a space-saving option. Splash pads typically feature sprinkler systems and drainage, along with kid-friendly toys, such as fake fire hydrants, to play with. Your pool builder can create a splash pad to fit virtually any available yard space, so you can give your children the water park experience without taking up a lot of space. A splash pad is also ideal for families with young children who might be afraid to get into a swimming pool. If you prefer to have a swimming pool for your little ones, consider having your pool builder create a small, shallow kiddie pool with splash pad accessories in the center.

Talk to a pool builder from a company like Bulldog Pools about your available space and what you want to use your swimming pool for. Whether you want to use it to relax, exercise, or entertain the kids, there's a pool design that's perfect for your smaller backyard.