3 Main Types Of Pool Patio Materials

Your pool patio is a functional part of your backyard, but it also makes up a huge part of the aesthetic appeal of your pool. Making sure that you meet both the functional and the visual needs of your pool is a difficult process. As such, it's a good idea to understand the various different types of materials that you can choose to have your pool patio made out of and the associated benefits with each so that you can ensure that you are fully satisfied with your pool once it is installed.

Concrete Pool Patios

Concrete is one of the most common materials used to construct pool patios. It creates straight lines and a clean aesthetic that many homeowners find desirable. Concrete is highly durable and non-porous, and as such is unlikely to require more than general cleaning to remove dirt and other organic debris. Further, the textured finish of concrete can help improve grip around the pool, reducing the risk of falls and injuries (an important consideration for homeowners with children).

However, concrete is an expensive material to have installed, largely because it requires professional installation to ensure that it sets properly and does not crack. Additionally, repairs are expensive and complex to fix, as the entire patio will need to be removed and poured again.

Brick Pool Patios

Brick offers a larger degree of customization than concrete, largely because different colors can be used to create patterns and designs that are completely unique in your patio. Furthermore, bricks are also extremely durable, and will be able to withstand general weather exposure without becoming cracked. If they do become damaged, individual bricks can simply be replaced, a fairly simple and relatively inexpensive process.

However, bricks are somewhat porous, which requires regular sealing to keep them from developing mold and mildew. If mold and mildew do grow on your bricks, you'll need to clean them off with a mixture of commercial cleaners like bleach, as they can become extremely slippery and a safety hazard if left alone.

Natural Stone Pool Patios

Natural stone provides a rustic and natural appearance to your pool's patio, and offers the greatest amount of customization in terms of coloring and customization, as there are a wide range of different stones available on the market.

However, natural stone will vary greatly in price, with specific stones costing significantly more than either concrete or brick. Further, some stones, like slate, are smooth and can pose a slipping hazard when wet: grainy stones that have a bit of texture are a better fit for the poolside. 

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