Planning Your Pool: Essential Considerations

Knowing that you've made a decision about getting a pool is an exciting prospect, particularly if you've never had one before. It's easy to start planning parties or thinking about how much cooler you'll be. However, if you want to be a responsible pool owner and ensure that the pool is both safe and comfortable, the considerations below are vital to think about first.

Local Zoning

One issue you may not think about is local zoning. The zoning rules that dictate various property considerations in different town neighborhoods must be followed or else high fines are assigned to your property. If you live in a strictly residential area, there could be specific zoning guidelines about any pools installed. For example, inground pools might not be permitted. There could be a rule that requires your pool to be a certain amount of feet from the street and a gate of a certain height. 

The relevant parts of the zoning code ought to be easy to find; a call to the municipal office or a search online should reveal it. Review it before any pool planning.

Pool Costs

One pool can affect your finances in a larger way than you could immediately expect. For example, you'll need to purchase chemicals to keep the water clear and clean. You'll probably require a cover for the structure. If you have children, a safety gate may be necessary, as well as toys. Planning for these expenses now will give you a chance to save for them or make them part of your overall budget so there aren't surprises.


If you'd got a large backyard, location may not seem to be an issue. However, if you don't consider the movement of the sun, you may end up regretting it.  Mark off certain areas so you can easily ensure the pool won't be in the shade for most of the day.


While you're not legally required to talk about the pool with those in the houses around you, remember that your neighbors are likely to be around at some point when you're in the pool or have guests that end up in the pool. Not only that, but they're likely to hear pool construction from start to finish. Therefore, it would be polite to notify them about your plans and let them know when workers will be there.

A pool requires thought about the above details before construction gets started. Discuss them with your pool services company, along with a plan for regular maintenance after the pool is functional. Visit a site like for more help.