Steps For New Hot Tub Owners

A hot tub can be a luxurious feature for your house. Over time, the hot tub will likely need a number of different services in order to keep it safe from some common issues and damages. Understanding the basics of caring for this new feature will be an important step for any homeowner that is considering adding this to their property.

Always Cover The Hot Tub When It Is Not Being Used

Whenever the hot tub is not being used, it is important to keep it covered. Failing to cover the hot tub can reduce the quality of the water, but it can also allow larger pieces of debris to enter the pumping system. If this were to occur, it may clog or jam the pump in a way that could result in the need for expensive repairs. Luckily, a hot tub cover is not difficult to put on or take off, and there are even hot tubs that are designed with retractable covers.

Check The Exterior For Signs Of Leaks

As with swimming pools, it is important to regularly inspect the exterior of the hot tub for signs of a water leak. Even small leaks that are only slowly leaking water should be repaired as quickly as possible. Otherwise, the leak may rapidly expand, which can lead to the water of the hot tub rapidly draining. If you notice signs of a leak but are unable to locate it, a professional hot tub service may be able to complete an assessment to discover where the leaks are occurring, as well as completing the necessary repairs to stop it.

Closely Monitor The Temperature Of The Hot Tub

Heating the water in the hot tub will require a powerful set of heating elements. Luckily, quality hot tubs will be made with heating elements that are capable of rapidly and reliably warming the water to the desired temperature. Unfortunately, it is possible for these heating elements to start to fail after many years. This will often manifest itself as increased difficulty with keeping the hot tub at the right temperature. If you start to notice that the temperature of the hot tub is failing to reach the desired temperature, it could indicate that you will need to have these elements replaced. Fortunately, this is one of the less costly repairs that your system can need, and it should be able to be completed fairly rapidly so that your hot tub will not have to be taken offline for an extended period of time.