Why A Vinyl Pool Fence Is Better Than Wood

When it comes to deciding what material you want for the fence around your pool, you have a multitude of options. You'll need to consider what material you like visually, as well as the pros and cons of each material. A lot of people gravitate toward wooden pool fences, and this traditional material offers many advantages. One alternative to consider is vinyl, which often has the appearance of wood. A vinyl pool fence can be a good option for creating privacy in your pool area, as well as providing a barrier that prevents people from getting into the pool area without your approval. Here are three reasons that a vinyl pool fence can be better than wood.

No Warping

It's natural for wood to warp, which means that a wooden pool fence can look drastically different in the months after it's erected. While the planks will all be straight when the fence is built, some of the planks can begin to warp over time as they dry out in the sun. Warped wooden fence planks won't necessarily compromise the structural integrity of the fence, but they can certainly affect its appearance. For example, the ends of some planks may be warped inward, while others stick out. Warping isn't an issue when you have vinyl planks.

No Rotting

Rot is always a concern with wood, and while a wooden pool fence will last for a number of years, rot can eventually become an issue. For example, you may notice that the wooden fence posts start to rot because water pools around their base. A rotting wooden pool fence won't offer the structural integrity you want it to have, as someone may be able to push against the fence and cause a section of it to fall down. Vinyl will not rot, which means that this type of fence will offer the longevity you want.

No Fading

Visually, a vinyl pool fence can be a desirable choice because it won't fade to any significant degree. This means that even years after you get the fence, it will offer a like-new look that augments the appearance of your pool area. Many finishes on wooden fences can fade over time. For example, if you have a painted wood fence, the paint color can lighten and begin to show its age. This leaves you with the task of repainting the fence to restore its original color. Contact a pool fence specialist to learn more about vinyl pool fences.