Why Your Pool's Chemical Balance Matters So Much

There are few features in your home that are as fun to own and beautiful to look at as your pool. Most people assume that they are very easy things to look after and you really don't have to do anything other than cleaning out the filter once in a while and adding some chlorine, but that is not exactly the case. Your pool's chemical balance is actually quite an important thing, and if it changes in either direction (too alkaline or too acidic), then it could render the pool useless and create havoc until this balance is restored. Here are a few reasons why you should always call for a professional pool service if your pool's chemical balancing is off.  

Can Burn The Skin Or Leave You Feeling Uncomfortable

Perhaps the most obvious reason why the chemical balancing of your pool is so important is that it can very realistically cause minor burning of your sensitive skin the longer you stay in it. If you accidentally get some in your eyes or mouth, then this problem can be accentuated and you can feel real pain. Often minor skin irritation is the first sign one will notice that the pH balance of the pool is leaning too heavily towards acidic. If it gets that bad then you need to use a professional to ensure no one else feels pain from your pool and the chemical balance is neutralized.

Can Reduce Effectiveness Of Cleaners

If your pool becomes too alkaline, which is the opposite of acidic, then you face a different but no less serious issue. Chlorine and other pool cleaning agents become far less effective in alkaline pools and this can allow the presence of bacteria and algae to start to blossom. You may even see a change in the color of the water, and it can become thicker and look mirky. This can lead to you getting sick and can be more serious than an acidic pool as the ramifications last longer.

Destroys The Necessary Fixtures In Your Pool

Your pool probably has a bunch of different fixtures and features that are meant to last for years upon years with minimal maintenance, from the lights to the filter and even things like moveable pool cleaners. If the pool chemical balancing gets outside the designated range it can allow these features to rust, crack, chip, and otherwise decay in a way that means they have to be replaced. A good pool service doesn't take very long, is quite cheap in comparison to how much money they will save you, and allows you to use your pool again with no worry of getting injured, so do not delay if you test the water and find it outside of the safe pH scale for your pool. 

Reach out to a pool service company in your area to learn more.