Why Your Pool's Chemical Balance Matters So Much

There are few features in your home that are as fun to own and beautiful to look at as your pool. Most people assume that they are very easy things to look after and you really don't have to do anything other than cleaning out the filter once in a while and adding some chlorine, but that is not exactly the case. Your pool's chemical balance is actually quite an important thing, and if it changes in either direction (too alkaline or too acidic), then it could render the pool useless and create havoc until this balance is restored. [Read More]

Looking to Add a Pool to Your Home? 4 Reasons to Consider a Fiberglass Pool

If you have always wanted to enjoy a relaxing swimming experience in your own home, it is time to install a swimming pool. However, the options, money, and time required to install one might make you feel overwhelmed, forcing you to put off the idea. If you wonder which type of pool can offer an amazing swimming experience while still adding appeal and value to your home, wonder no more. A fiberglass pool is what you need. [Read More]

Why A Vinyl Pool Fence Is Better Than Wood

When it comes to deciding what material you want for the fence around your pool, you have a multitude of options. You'll need to consider what material you like visually, as well as the pros and cons of each material. A lot of people gravitate toward wooden pool fences, and this traditional material offers many advantages. One alternative to consider is vinyl, which often has the appearance of wood. A vinyl pool fence can be a good option for creating privacy in your pool area, as well as providing a barrier that prevents people from getting into the pool area without your approval. [Read More]

4 Things To Know About Installing, Maintaining, And Repairing A Fiberglass Pool

Have you finally landed on getting a fiberglass swimming pool out of all the options available to you? It will help to know the following things about installing, maintaining, and repairing a fiberglass pool so that you are well prepared.  Handle The Pool With Care During Installation Any added pressure that pushes the gel coat beyond its strength is capable of causing spider cracks in the coat. If you want to prevent these from happening, it is best to make sure that the pool is handled with care during the installation process. [Read More]