New Pool Construction Guide To Filtration Systems That Will Help Reduce Maintenance Costs And Water Quality Issues

If you are planning on building a new pool for your home, there are a lot of things to consider. Are you going to have a custom design, use a liner, or install a fiberglass pool? In addition to the type of pool you choose, there are also a lot of options for the type of filtration system that is installed to keep the water clean. The following pool construction guide to filtration systems will help you choose the right system to keep your pool clean and maintenance costs lower.

1. Natural Filtration Integrated Into Landscaping Design For Cleaner Pool Water With Fewer Chemicals

Today, one of the most popular designs in custom pool construction is natural filtration. These are systems that use a combination of well-balanced flora and fauna, filtration medium, and water circulation to keep the water clean. This type of filtration should be professionally designed and can help make your pool water chemical-free and low maintenance.

2. The Benefits Of Starting Pool Construction And Planning A Saltwater Filtration System

Another option that you will want to consider for keeping the water in your pool clean is a saltwater system. These systems also need to be professionally designed to keep the water balance, as well as to design the pool construction for saltwater systems. This is because many of the materials with a saltwater system will need to be corrosion-resistant due to the salt in the water that can damage many materials over time.

3. Sand And DE Filtration Mediums That Help Remove Debris Particles From Pool Water

Another more natural system to keep the water in your pool clean is to use sand, which is the filtration medium that removes particles from the water. This is a great way to remove larger particles from the water to keep your pool clean, but sand and DE filters still require conventional pool water treatments to keep the water safe for swimming.

4. Designing Skimmers, Returns, And Drains To Make Keeping Your Pool Water Clean Easier

Another benefit of custom pool construction is that a custom skimmer and drain system can be created to maximize efficiency. This is done by creating currents that can clean the surface of the water and bottom of the pool so that the pump is needed less to circulate water and your pool stays clean.

These are some of the things that you will want to consider when planning on the filtration system for the design of your new pool. If you are ready to get relief from the summer heat with a new pool, contact a pool construction company like Sky Blue Pools, Inc.