Planning To Install An Inground New Pool? 3 Tips To Keep It Maintained

A pool can be fun for the entire family and can even keep you from going on vacation as your kids will have enough fun at home. You do need to learn how to maintain your pool so it will last a long time. Below are three tips on how you can do this.  

Check the Water 

One of the most important things you can do when it comes to maintenance is to check the water quality. You need to do this often so you know if you need to add chemicals to the pool water. The chlorine levels should always be at the right level. If they are not, this can cause many problems. For example, it can cause red and itchy eyes, skin and lung irritation, and can even cause asthma. The contractor that installs your pool will show you how to check the levels. They will then tell you how to add the needed chemicals to the water. During the summer months, you should check the water quality at least once per week. During the winter, check the levels every couple of weeks to keep the pool maintained so it will be ready for you in the summer.

Check the Filter

The filter also needs to be kept clean so check it when you test the chemicals. The filter should be cleaned every two to three months. The collection pots and baskets should also be checked on a regular basis. Line and hair can build up in these things. The skimmer basket needs to be kept clean and cleared of debris. 

Check the Water Level

You need to make sure the water level is correct, or this can cause problems with the pump. If water does not get to the pump, it will dry and then burn up. Replacing a pump can get expensive if it cannot be repaired. If the water levels are too high this can also cause problems. For example, the skimmer door will not work properly.

You should consider hiring a pool maintenance company to maintain your pool at the beginning and end of the swimming season. The contractor can give you more tips on keeping your pool maintained. They will check the pump, heating system, and filter to make sure there are no problems, as well as look at other pool equipment. Finding problems now and getting them repaired can save you a lot of money in the future. This can also help make your new pool last even longer for you. Contact a pool service for more pool maintenance information.