Own A Swimming Pool? Signs The Pool Screens Need Repairs

Owning a swimming pool is a big responsibility. You need to make sure it stays clean and sanitary. But, you also need to make sure your pool is safe and secure. One way to do that is with a pool screen. Pool screens provide an added layer of security for your swimming pool. They also help keep bugs and debris out of the pool. If you have a screen around your swimming pool, you need to make sure it stays in good condition. A damaged pool screen doesn't provide you with the safety and security you need. Luckily, you don't need to replace a damaged pool screen. You can get your pool screen repaired instead. Read the list below. Here are four signs that you need pool screen repair.   

Holes and Tears

If you're worried about your pool screen, it's time for an inspection. Start by looking for holes and tears in the screen. Wear and tear can cause holes and tears to develop in the screen. Pets can also cause punctures and tears in the screen material. Unfortunately, tears and holes allow bugs and dirt to get into the pool. They also make it easier for kids to get access to the pool. That's why you need to repair holes and tears right away. 

Loose Material

Loose material can also pose a problem for your pool screens. Over time,  pool screens can come loose from the frames. Rain, wind, and pet activity can all cause screening material to come loose from the frames. Unfortunately, loose screen material can get tripped on. It can also allow pets and children to climb through to the pool. That's why loose screen material should get repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

Faded Screen

If your pool screens are faded, you might think they're just unsightly. That's not the case though. Fading can be a sign that your pool screens have been exposed to the sun for too long. Sun exposure can undermine the strength of your pool screens. When that happens, pool screens can rip and deteriorate. If you can see fading on your pool screens, call a screen repair service immediately. 

Bent Frame

When it comes to inspecting your pool screens, you can't forget about the frames. The frames are an important part of your pool screens. Pool screen frames can get bent and rusted over time.  Unfortunately, damaged pool screen frames aren't as sturdy as they need to be. That's why you should repair pool screen frames as soon as you spot damage.