4 Trends to Include in Your Fiberglass Swimming Pool

Are you ready to install a fiberglass swimming pool in your yard but want to customize it a bit so that it stands out? Here are some unique features you may want to include when selecting your fiberglass pool.

Bold Textures And Colors

In the past, it was common for fiberglass pools to only come in basic colors. This is why you typically see fiberglass pools that are blue, as there were not many options available. Thankfully, the manufacturing process to make a fiberglass pool has improved and there are now more options for textures and colors on the pool's shell. You can now get a fiberglass pool that has steps that look like natural stone, or a pool shell that comes in a very vibrant color that makes a bold statement. 

Built-In Features

Fiberglass pools have come a long way in terms of the built-in features that they offer. You can now get a fiberglass pool that has tanning ledges, so you can lay in the water but not be fully submerged. It's even possible to have waterfalls that flow into the pool and keep the water circulating. It will also be nice to have some built-in seating within your fiberglass pool. Consider some benches along the deep end of the pool so that you can be fully submerged and get your body out of the sun. It can also be a great place to supervise children that are swimming in the pool with you. Don't just assume that you need to pick a basic shell, as there are plenty of customization options out there.

Lighting Options

Lighting can really make your pool look amazing during a nighttime swim. Consider built-in lighting that uses LEDs, which allow you to change the color of the light without putting a new bulb in. You'll turn your pool into a unique-looking light source at night, which can even make gatherings around your pool feel more unique when nobody is even swimming in the pool.

Natural Elements

You can add some unique landscaping around your pool to make it look more unique. Consider adding colorful flowers and greenery that compliments the water nicely. You can't really go wrong with adding more color, as it turns the atmosphere around the pool into one that is lively and fun. Natural stone can also make your fiberglass pool feel more like a natural element of your backyard.

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