Investing In Swimming Pool Equipment Upgrades Before Opening This Spring

The pool may be closed now, but it will soon be time to remove the cover and start maintenance. It may also be time to invest in upgrades to your pool equipment. When you choose what equipment needs to be updated, you want to get the most from your investment. The following pool equipment upgrades are some of the projects you want to do before opening this spring:

Safety Systems for Your Pool Before Summer

The safety of your pool should be a priority before opening this spring. Upgrades to the pool equipment that you want to do to improve safety include:

  • Updating the pool drain design for safety
  • Installing locking skimmer covers for the pool deck
  • Adding an automatic pool safety cover for summer and winter

The right upgrades to pool equipment will prevent accidents when you use your pool. Investing in a good safety cover will also help protect your pool during the winter months.

Upgrading the Filtration System to Improve Water Quality

The filtration system is another area where you will want to invest in upgrades. Options to improve filtration include:

  • Installing a DE or sand filtration system
  • Converting your pool to a saltwater system
  • Designing a natural filtration system for your pool

The addition of a variable-speed pool pump will also help to make these filtration systems more efficient. Renewable energy can also be integrated into the design of the equipment.

Adding Solar Energy for Pool Equipment

There are a lot of options to add solar energy to the design of pool equipment. These solutions can be solar panels and other equipment. Options to add renewable energy to your pool equipment include:

  • Passive solar water heaters to keep the pool warm
  • Adding solar panel systems to power pool equipment
  • Powering all pool lighting with solar energy

The addition of solar water heaters can also extend the season to use your pool longer. Talk with your pool equipment installer about options for solar energy to reduce utility costs due to summer upkeep.

Lighting Upgrades for Your Pool

Lastly, you will want to consider lighting upgrades for your pool. LED lighting can be great for the pool and deck area. There are also options to power the LED lighting for the pool and outdoor living space with solar energy. This will help to improve efficiency and reduce costs during the summer months.

Upgrades in swimming pool equipment can improve water quality and reduce maintenance costs. Call a pool equipment service to start planning these improvements before opening this spring.