Three Reasons To Choose A Dark-Bottom In-Ground Pool

When people think about the appearance of a residential in-ground swimming pool, they might think about a few different shapes. For example, some people will immediately think of rectangular pools, while others might picture pools with curved edges. Regardless of the shape of the pool that people picture, there's a good chance that they think about a pool with a blue bottom. This look is highly popular, but it's not the only choice for you to consider. If you're in the early stages of ordering an in-ground swimming pool for your yard, you may wish to consider a dark-bottom pool. Here are some reasons why this style of pool can be desirable.

It's Unconventional

If you're getting an in-ground pool installed in your yard, it's probable that you're looking forward to hosting pool parties for family and friends. If you're the type of person who frequently enjoys surprising people, a dark-bottom pool can be a good choice. It's highly likely that some of the people who visit you to go swimming won't have previously seen this type of pool, and it can be fun to watch their reactions as they walk toward it for the first time. The unconventional appearance of the pool's bottom can have a major visual impact on the space as a whole, which can make your friends eager to come swimming again in the future.

It Can Seem More Mysterious

Another thing that you'll notice upon the completion of your dark-bottom in-ground pool is that it can have a mysterious vibe to it. In some pools, the dark bottom can make it difficult to actually see how deep the water is, and this can be appealing to many people. For example, if you enjoyed the thrilling and mysterious feeling of nighttime swims in lakes when you were a kid — in part because you couldn't see the bottom beneath the dark-colored water — this style of pool can bring back those exciting feelings.

It May Be Slightly Warmer

If you love swimming in warm water, a dark-bottom pool can be a good choice. Dark colors absorb the sunlight more than light colors — which is why lots of people wear light-colored clothing on hot days. This can mean that a dark-bottom pool's water may be slightly warmer than the water in a pool with a lighter-colored bottom. If your pool gets a lot of direct sunlight during the day, this could help to warm the water to the point that you don't need to run the pool heater quite as much.

Speak to a local pool company to learn more about your options for in-ground pools.